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Bowling Night - Friday the 26th November at 7:30 pm (be there by 7:15)

Below is a list of final teams, each with a maximum of 8 players.

To add your name or move you name to an available place on another list - LOGIN to your club profile, click the green button "Add Name to Social Event" and follow the instructions.

You may PAY £6 for your place on the Club's Kit Store

The location of the Hollywood Bowl is Heron Gate, Taunton TA1 2LP and for a map CLICK HERE

Eagles Bowling Team 1

  1. Robert Stenhouse
  2. Mark Harrison Paid
  3. Rachel Hume Paid
  4. Hayley Knight Paid
  5. Becky Hoyle Paid
  6. Olivier Bagnara Paid
  7. Clare Strange

Bluebirds Bowling Team 2

  1. Michael Sharpe Paid
  2. John Allinson-Smith Paid
  3. Marie Bowerman Paid
  4. Lee Burton Paid
  5. Rahim Premji Paid
  6. Megan Eddy
  7. Kate Davis
  8. Rachel Egan Paid

Blackbirds Bowling Team 3

  1. Anita Fox Paid
  2. Nicky Brydon Paid
  3. Alison Courtney Paid
  4. Karen Curtis Paid
  5. Tony Harding
  6. Emma Edwards
  7. Janet Bowen Paid
  8. Jenny Harding

Falcons Bowling Team 4

  1. Kim Glanville
  2. Liz Greenaway
  3. Lesley Councill
  4. Sanchia Pereira Paid
  5. Lynn Simmons Paid
  6. Jayne Couzins
  7. Neil Punter Paid

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