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The first C25K programme of 2022 has just concluded
Next programme June 14th 2022

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The Taunton Couch to 5K coaches have seen over 400 "couchers" start the programme over the past few years. Perfect for beginners, the FREE 8-week training schedule is approx. 30-45 minutes a session, three times a week, the 2nd and 3rd session in any week being a solo session or with friends / group (a total of 23 sessions + a 5K graduation run). Club sessions are every Tuesday/Thursday lead by our experienced C25K coaches. We ask you to comply with group leaders whistle or instructions at all times, to ensure your safety and fitness throughout the programme. The programme includes guidance on breathing, running technique and advice on niggles as your body adjusts to your new regime – please ensure your group leader knows of any health or breathing problems, niggles or pain BEFORE, DURING or AFTER the session. Download the "Beginners Guide" on the button above for a primer.

All graduates receive a medal and certificate to commemorate their achievement.

Couch to 5K Groups

After the first session you will be allocated a group that roughly matches your current ability


  • Marie Bowerman
  • Michael Sharpe
  • Victoria Smyth
  • Samantha King
  • Jazz Hake
  • Erika Kelemen
  • Nik Walne
  • Janet Bowen
  • Rachel Southwood
  • Kirstie Kerr
  • Kevin Dunn
  • Penny Coventry


  • Robert Stenhouse
  • Rachel Hume
  • Hannah Paddon
  • Lily Hawkins
  • Sarah Costello
  • Amy Saber
  • Clare Strange
  • Fi Vale


  • Anita Fox
  • Debbie Butland
  • Emilie Janaway
  • Dawn Salter
  • Lisa Giles
  • Alan Shorney
  • Sharon Keys

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