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Taunton Runners meet Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays, both running & jogging groups, emphasising running for pleasure or social contact. Our weekday runs stay mainly within Taunton, but the weekend run may take our members out into the local countryside.

NOTE! We are currently in the process of forming new groups - registered members should select a group and then login to enter the choice into the groups section of their membership profile.

Two or three times a year we have an 8 week Couch to 5K programme to introduce beginner to the joys of jogging and running

Midweek Groups (Tues & Thurs)

We have a number of running and jogging groups. Each group has a leader and groups are limited to a maximum of fifteen for safety reasons. There is always a run/walk group for beginners and 3 or 4 times a year we have a full "Couch to 5K" programme.

Meet in the Crescent Car Park (Boots rear entrance) at 6:30pm on Tuesdays & Thursdays

Sunday Group ( All Year Weather Permitting )

The group meets at 09:00 at the Crescent Car Park and usually takes in the Somerset countryside and some of those lovely villages close-by to Taunton. The emphasis is on enjoying the freedom of running and access to our county's beautiful lanes and byways. Please become a member of the club (it's free) and run with us. Taunton Fitness Club FaceBook Page

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Running Groups

Cheetahs ( 8 Runners ) 10:30 min ml

  • Mark Harrison
  • Robert Stenhouse
  • John Allinson-Smith
  • Hayley Knight
  • Amaryllis Roy
  • Katie Mee
  • Rahim Premji
  • Rachel Egan

Panthers ( 6 Runners ) 10:30 min ml

  • Zak Depledge
  • Lynsey Dryden
  • Leagh Callow
  • Simon Fouracre
  • Cova Garcia
  • Sarah Batchelor

Wildcats ( 3 Runners ) 10:30-11 min ml

  • Becky Hoyle
  • Amy Summerhayes
  • Joy Winterbottom

Tigers ( 9 Runners ) 10:45 min ml

  • Jackie Toop
  • Rosie Rollinson
  • Jo Marks
  • Stephanie Smith
  • Val Brown
  • Sharron Ware
  • Avril Nelson
  • Sara Bailey
  • Steve Palmer

Cougars ( 12 Runners ) 11:30 min ml

  • Sarah Salt
  • Andrew Keys
  • Emilie Janaway
  • Karen Curtis
  • Emma Edwards
  • Megan Eddy
  • Kate Davis
  • Sarah Addyman
  • Emma Preece
  • Ryan Grant
  • Arna Marshall-Read
  • Chloe Boobyer

Margays ( 0 Runners ) XX min ml

Tabbies ( 5 Runners ) Joggers: 12 min ml

  • Anita Fox
  • Andrea Hunt
  • Charlotte Decourcy Wilson
  • Louise Towns
  • Chloe Stepney

Pussycats ( 13 Runners ) Qualification: Must be able to overtake walkers

  • Michael Sharpe
  • Marie Bowerman
  • Fareda Fakhrai
  • David Cooper
  • Deborah Cooper
  • Samantha King
  • Alison Courtney
  • Kim Glanville
  • Penny Coventry
  • Emma King
  • Helen Budge
  • Jamie Budge
  • Karen Dix

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