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Subject: Couch to 5K

Category: C25K

This Tuesday the 13th April sees our "Couchers" starting week 2 of the programme. Unfortunately, the current Covid restrictions have limited the number that can take part. However, due to the large number that registered for the current programme, we hope to hold another in the Summer of 2021.

The couch to 5K programme relies on small groups of people with similar ability helping each other through the programme with friendship and encouragement. It is a very determined person that can complete a C25K programme alone. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for details of activities and a date for the summer sessions.


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Subject: CYCLING

Category: Cycling

This week sees the start of our cycling season - Where we meet: https://taunton-fitness.uk/where.php

Just turn up 

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Subject: Couch to 5K Programme

Category: C25K


Sad to have to tell you, but although our Couch to 5K programme will still go ahead, it will be with reduced numbers.
The popular programme was massively over-subscribed, and it meant we could not handle so many people within the current government roadmap and covid guidelines.
So, the plan is now that each of our coaches will each take a group of 5 participants (group of 6 inc. coach) - this is 25 participants in total.
I know this is not the best outcome, but we will have another summer programme once all restrictions eased.
There now 25 places up for grabs - simply add your name to the form on https://taunton-fitness.uk/c25k-reg.php or send an email to admin@taunton-fitness.uk

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